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    Nwabueze Okafor Chukwuka Ndubisi is an Afrobeat/Rap Artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in the city of Awka Anambra State, Nigeria. 

Coming from a staunch Christian background, father a preacher, his relative nicknamed him ''Bishop''.

He was popular in high school, mimicking famous Artist and performing in public. His love for music propelled him into remixing popular songs and making his own music.  

As an adventurous young man, he later left the shores of Nigeria for Asia. In Japan, his flare for music was reignited a in music. Bishop decided to add ''Excel'' to his stage name, thus, Bishop XL. As a singer-songwriter and a rapper, he started the Afrobeat movement and he's one of the pioneers of African entertainment in Japan.


Bishop XL released subsequent projects which include a couple of EPs and hit singles  such as ''NoTiCa'', ''Enter D Excel & Akal'aka''.

Originally signed to his own label, CLEJI-INK CONCEPT, he also signed a promotion/partnership deal with Nahfconnects Inc, an entertainment company in Tokyo, Japan. Bishop XL became the first Afrobeat Artist to perform on one of the biggest stages in Japan.

Currently, his newly released album titled ''EXCEL ERA'' is gaining grounds in the entertainment space, spreading like wildfire globally. 


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